At Wishaw Aikikai, we practise weapons training using the short staff (Jō), wooden sword (Bokken), and knife (Tantō).The founding father of Aikido, O’Sensei, developed much of his empty handed aikido from traditional sword and spear movements, but the practice of these movements is not just for the purpose of giving insight into the origin of techniques and movements, but serves to reinforce the concepts of distance, foot movement, presence and connectedness with one’s training partner.

Weapons classes are held after the body art classes. Weapons classes aren’t as physically demanding as body art, but they do require greater focus and attention to prevent injuring your opponent.

The attacks used in Aikido are based very much on the precision and movements of Japanese sword masters and Samurai, so the movements learned here are interchangeable with hand to hand combat.

If you would like to be confident in protecting yourself from an armed attacker, then Aikido is the ultimate self defence system.